Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Day with friends

Today I spent with 3 friends to celebrate our birthdays Pat was in February,Debbi was yesterday,Colleen and mine will be on Saturday we went Lone Star Bar and Grill for our once a year grilled pork chop,baked potatoe, and baked sweet potatoe,dite coke what could be better this this with friends.

Then we went retail shopping but we had to check out Goodwill,a card shop,quilt shop and last but not least Dairy Queen for a Ice cream,not bad for a day with friends.  We will see how much this day will cost me for putting some of the weight back on that I lost from surgery.  I lost 30 lbs not the best way to loose weight. 

I want to wish you all well have a wonderful day stitching.


Raewyn said...

Sounds like an ideal day - Happy Birthday for Saturday!!!

Mary said...

Sounds like you had a great day. Love the food choices!!

Cheryll said...

Oh what a perfect day... spending time with dear friends! :)