Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I got way ahead of my self today and forgot to post my work this week,the one to the bottom is what I make this week,or I should day added the white pathway and add some more red.   Head  over to http://journeyofaquilter        to se what the other girl have done this week.   Thank you for stopping and looking around my blog.   have a good week.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I started this early this morning got all but one brick,put it aside for  few moments which became like
6 hrours. One more flower for One flower Wednesday,head on over to Karen at

to see what some of the other ladies have done this week.

Your all have a good week happy quilting.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My flower garden has starting to bloom again,today the workers has laid a the walkway soon the
other path will be ready to apply.  The garden has been at a standstill,the gardner been lazy for several weeks. 

Head on over to Karen www.jorurneyofaquilter    to see some of the other girls hav planted.

You all have a good week happy quilting

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Antquie Quilts On Display at Oswego Celebration of Quilts

Here some of the Antquie Quilts that were on Display they were all just wonderful,so set back and have a look.

Just a few words about this one, it is mine or I should I'm the keeper of this old quilt.  It was made about 1899 or sometime after that.  It is all hand quilted and no two fabric are alike.  Mary the lady who did the show has reproduced this quilt.  I'm in the process of making one also it is on the design wall now it is slow in the making,something to look forward for like in the next 10 years.

Here is Mary's quilt she made from my old quilt.

Kathy Wall make the next 3 quilts,give her some wool and she can make some wonderful quilts with wool.

This is just a crazy quilt that Kathy made.I should day all wool.

Mary with her two helpers did not catch there names,but they did a good job Thanks  Mray super job well done.

If any of you get to Illinois make sure you come next year to the Celebration of Quilts put on my the Village of Oswego,and the Prairie Stitches Quilt Shoppie,a wonderful little shop and the Ladies do a nice job of helping you.
Today was the first of it kind,the small town,well not so much as a small town in downtown
Oswege,Illinois held a Celebration of Quilts there was over 200 quilts on display right on main

these are a few of the quilts that were on display

I liked this one

This one is Lisa one of the girls from the last year quilt club from what I understant she was a teacher
for this quilt it used a lot of different feet when making this one.

You know black and white and red all over just a old saying.

Well I not a baseball fan from this state,but now if I was in St Louis,well you get it
for all the White Sox fan this one is for you.

got to have one for Christmas,this one was a roll a month or was it a week can't remember but mine is
still in the packages they came in,you know someday it will get done.

Some of the quilts are just WOW the pictures don't show all the beautiful work that some of the women or men put in to these quilts.
like this one also

I forgot that the Quilt show was put on by all the Ladies from the Prairie Stitches Quilt
Shoppie they did a wonderful job and most of them were there at 5:00 Am. I bet most of the are in bed unded there quilts,its a little cool here.
Thanks You Ladies for a wonderful Day.

One of the Speakers was Edyta Sitar from Laundery Baskets Quilts she showed some of her quilts
that she has made with her line of fabris,the newest one that is to come out in August is Over the Rainbow and the are wonderful,If you haven't seen any of quilts or her fabric it is just so,well beautiful.

There was also a bed turning of  antquie quilts I would say that there were about 25 to 30.  Let me just
say that Mary did a great job.  Lets just see if I can load some of the Antique Quilts.  Well just stay tune for the next post.  You all have a great day