Thursday, October 20, 2011

Flower in my garden

We're Back.  We were not allowed to be around when the ladies came up.
We know that there are some new flowers added to the garden.

Next picture please
WOW! look at the flowers.

And now for the rest.....   The Ladies from the south.

They took the train to Chicago and got off here at Union Station,not knowing
where everything was and this nice young man came up and asked where they were

The Ladies: "WillisTower".
HE HE HE HE, they did not know that Chicago is also called the Windy City.

The young man laugh and pointed across the river,he was thanked and went on his was to work
So they crossed the river to take the water taxi to Navy Pier,but they were closed for the season.

Started walking to see some of the city, but OH! wait did'nt know where to go,you know country girls.

so they took a taxi to Navy Pier.
Just look at them wondering around not knowing where to go.
Should we take a boat?
just walk.
The as fast as they came they went back to the south where they knew there way around.
Untill next year.

Now a note from jinnie.

some time the bee's wont let me talk they thing they own this page. I had some trouble with my cramer and could not upload the pictures until today.  Will be making more flowere for the garden so that will be posted on One flower Wednesday. 


Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Pretty flowers, I really like the bright blue one. Your pictures came out great - looks like a fun time in Chicago!

Maria said...

Nice flowers to add to your garden.
It is nice nice to spend time with friends.

Mary said...

Cute! Love the bee's story!. Sounds like you had a good time.