Wednesday, November 30, 2011

jinnie flowers in her garden

Here is the one I finished last night.

 Here I am add the outer border to each flower
all the outer border is added here, when I put it all togother there will be another border,just have to see what color I like with all the colors.  have a good day and thanks for stopping

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Candle Mat swap

Thank you so much Donna for the lovely candle mat,beautiful,I will be eating the candy all day
while I'm cooking some of the food for tomorrow.  Love the FQ I have beem making CW block.
Your note card was lovely love very thing.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Flowers in my Garden

Good morning every one just three flowers this week.
I would like to wish every one Happy Thanksgiving, I know that
this is just celebrated here in the USA,but there may be some one from here that
are in other countrys ,so you all just eat every thing ,but have enought energy to
get to your machine to do all of the project that you have lined up to sew.
see you next week

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Flowers in my garden

Last week this is what I was thanking of doing with the hexies
this way or
this, so out came the seam ripper and look at these.

I got to looking at some quilts  on the internet I liked the look of the hexie
this way and then I will be adding another color to join these stay tune for more pictures.
and now for the one that I done this week.

Ta da la hexies!
Happy quilting see you next week

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Flower in my garden

Playing around with these flowers with no path way.

Sew these together to see what they look liked.

Here I added the pathway.

Just add some green ran out of white.
So what do you  thank.

Last week I looked at everyone garden but for got to post,all are amazing.
thanks for stopping by see you all soon.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Flowers in my garden extera

Sorry for the double pictures, got to figure this posting out.

Flowers in my garden

Remember this from last week, well take  a look at this one below

Yap did it again this week stay tune for more flowers to come.
Now this is getting lazy closing the computer and uploading picture, the one in front is the red and green one from last week the one on the far left is the one from this week so I manage to get five done total this week, stay tune for more next week,  the bees are in there hive for the winter. See you next time.

4 Patch Challange Extra

I left one person out of the first post, this is Mary one of her own designs. Mary does a lot of quilt samples for the shop.
Sorry for some of the  pictures, just trying to figure this out.
Happy quilting

4 Patch Challange

Tonight was our last scrap club for the year at Prairie Stitches Quilt Shoppe in Oswego,ILL.  Last month we had to make 4 patches for ever 4 patch you completed you got that many back,well I make 220,and we had a month to complete our quilt challenge, then we has a couple of extra week to complete, well let me tell you some of the ladies came up with some wonderful quilts they could be any size you wanted to make,some were wall hanging small and large quite beautiful,they were judge buy two of the employee's that work at the shop.
This is Sandy she is our leader for the Scrap Club,just beautiful.

This is Jan, she was away on a trip to visit her sisters this week,beautiful her quilts are amazing,in the red block she quilted it with flowers.

This one is Jan love all that cheddar.
This is mine
This is Jo's the center was paper pieced
Donna wall hanging
Pat's litter 4 patch she is making use of the small quilt hanger,she did this one on both sides.
Glenda add more to here after she quilted it so there were pins in it look like she added some wool.
Sue quilt just need binding.
One of our leaders with Playing with blocks made this quilt top for the shop looks like this might be kitted up.  Just beautiful with all of those fall colors.
Beth make this quilt for her sister-in-law  hers is make with poke a dots.

All of the ladies came up with some wonderful quilts big or small they were winner in my books.